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3 x Gasoline hoze Bashan 200s-7
2 x Choke kabel Bashan 200s-7
2 x Fast Ace Schockabsorber rear 200S-7
5 x Fuel jet for 200cc size 102
3 x Clutch extraction tool
1 x front fender black
4 x Kabelboom bs3
3 x Fuel jet for 200cc size 95
9 x Baringhouse pipe Bashan 200s-7 250-11b
2 x Front brake cable Bashan 200s-3
7 x Locking ring baringhouse Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
2 x Air filter Bashan 200s-7
4 x Rear swingarm barings Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
4 x Sprocket 15 t Bashan
4 x Rear swingarm pen Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
4 x Ball join lower bashan 200s-7 & 250-11b
3 x Baring house Bashan 250-11b
1 x Manifold without pipe Bashan 200s-7
2 x Baringhouse complete Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
3 x Clutch cabel Bashan ATV
5 x Baring Bashan 200s-3
1 x 
2 x Fuel jet for 200cc size 105
5 x Bolt for rear swingarm pen Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
3 x baring skf for rear axel Bashan atv
3 x Sprocket 17 t Bashan
2 x Sprocket 45 t Bashan
2 x Throttle cabel for twist throttle Bashan ATV
8 x Rear axel baring rear axel Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
6 x Rear axle baring set bashan
4 x Nuts for ball joint Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
2 x Knuckle toutle for Bashan atv
1 x Rear swingarm pipe Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
4 x Brake caliper plate Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
5 x Baring front wheel bashan
1 x Inlet tube Bashan200s-3
3 x Chain 428 Bashan
2 x Fuel jet for 200cc size 90
1 x Baring house Bashan 200s-7
4 x Rear diskbrake holder Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
3 x Parkingbrake cable Bashan atv
1 x Air filter Bashan ATV
1 x Back light led Bashan 200s-7 end 250-11b
2 x Ignition coil Bashan 200s-7
1 x Gasoline stop Bashan 200s-7
4 x Chain tensioner Bashan
3 x Rear sprocket holder Bashan 200s-7
1 x 
1 x Front sprocket lock Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Conisch oli filter Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Turnsignal LED relay Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Fuel jet for 200cc size 100
2 x Weel rim caliper 4x110
1 x Starter relay Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
2 x Clutch plates Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Bulb headlight 12V 30/35W Bashan 200s-7
3 x Rear weel mount for Bashan 250-11b
1 x Speedometer
2 x Cylinder Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder 250 cc
1 x Tie rod shineray stixe st9e
1 x front brake caliper det stixe
1 x Back light original Bashan 200s-7
5 x Swingarm Bashan 250-11b
1 x Rear swingarm Bashan 200s-7
5 x Upper ball joint Bashan / Shineray ATV
1 x Weel rim caliper 4x88
2 x Turnsignal relay LED
3 x Shocks adjustabil
1 x Rear axel Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Turn signal led flow
1 x Horn Bashan 200s-7
1 x Swing arm lower right Bashan 200s-3
4 x Flyweel extraction bolt
2 x Steering knuckle right
1 x Carter part Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
2 x Rear weel mout forBashan 200s-7
1 x Shineray battery 12 volt 9ah
1 x Gear indicator Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Weel rim caliper 4x156
1 x Feeler gauge Bashan 200s-3
1 x Gas filter
2 x Oil filter shineray stixe
1 x Swing arm lower right
1 x Oliepump sprock shineray stixeet
2 x Gas filter Bashan 200s-7
1 x Reverse cable BS300S-18
1 x Brake light sensor Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Reverse cable BS300S-a
2 x Bashan battery 12 volt 9ah
1 x 
2 x Spark Plug NGK - Shineray st-9e stixe / spyderATV
2 x Steering knuckle right Bashan 200/250cc ATV
1 x Head gasket 250cc Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x Mageto coil for shineay st-9e
1 x 
1 x Gasoline sensor Bashan 200s-7
2 x Fuel jet for 200cc size 110
1 x rear swingarm black stixe gebr
1 x 
2 x Ignition coil Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
1 x 
1 x 
1 x 
1 x Lower cylinder gasket Shineray st-9e
1 x Swingarm upper right
1 x Carter part bashan 250 cc
1 x Clutch compleet Shineray st-9e stixe / spyder
2 x Carburetor refresh set 30mm
1 x Turnsignal rel Bashan 200s-7
1 x Ignition coil Bashan 200s-7
1 x Sports airfilter 30 mm
1 x Carburetor 30mm Bashan 200s-7
1 x Wire harnes Bashan 250cc
1 x Fuel jet for 200cc size 108
1 x Bashan intake manifold Bashan 200s-7
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